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Editorial Article: Point-of-Care Community Round-Up

The latest news, videos, reviews and downloads from the point-of-care community

03 Jun 2016

The SelectScience® Point-of-Care Community includes healthcare professionals working in acute care settings and laboratory scientists
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This article contains some of the latest content from the SelectScience® Point-of-Care Community. Learn more about accurate, neonatal testing; discover the latest remote monitoring solution for cardiac patients; and watch a video interview about rapid influenza diagnostics. 

1. EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL ARTICLE: Enabling Rapid Results for Effective Neonatal Care

Anyone working with neonates understands the importance of quick and accurate analysis. These tiny patients have different biomarkers from adults, they also have immature immune systems and provide smaller blood samples that are more difficult to acquire. However, with neonatal testing, timing and result quality is often crucial to the wellbeing of the child. Find out more about the epoc® Blood Analysis System in this article.

2. PRODUCT NEWS: BIOTRONIK Launches CardioMessenger Smart Portable Device for Pacemaker and ICD Patients 

BIOTRONIK has announced the launch of CardioMessenger Smart in the United States. CardioMessenger Smart is a portable monitoring device, about the size of a modern smartphone, that keeps pacemaker, implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), and insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) patients connected to their physician remotely, enabling more efficient care management - anywhere in the world.

3. EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL ARTICLE: Rapid Infectious Disease Diagnostics Fighting Antibiotic Resistance 

Although many clinical labs still employ culture methods, new state-of-the-art technology is increasingly rendering these slower methods obsolete. Molecular diagnostics, mass spectrometry and rapid antigen tests are all knocking at the door of the traditional microbiology laboratory. This article looks at some of these new technologies, including the MALDI Biotyper and the Randox Respiratory Multiplex Array, in a little more detail. 

4. PRODUCT REVIEW: Piccolo Xpress®

Zachary Malveaux, Altus Baytown Hospital - "Some products are difficult to use and the after care is sometime cumbersome waiting on the phone all day. We are happy with this product and its ease of use. We are also happy with the after sales care. " 

5. EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL ARTICLE: Clinical Biomarkers: Internal Triaging at the Patient’s Bedside 

While the discovery of new biomarkers is essential to our continued quest for optimal patient care, it is good to be reminded that some of our most important, current clinical tests are based on biomarker evaluation. Not only that, but due to advances in point-of-care testing, we can now obtain these valuable biomarker assessments at the patient’s bedside. This article looks at some of these modern testing platforms, including the DCA Vantage® Analyzer and the RAPIDPoint® 500 System.

6. VIDEO INTERVIEW: Fast, Accurate Detection of Influenza in the Clinical Laboratory with the Alere™ i

Dan Hanna, South Sioux City Laboratory Supervisor at Family Health Care of Siouxland, Nebraska, USA, explains how the Alere i enables his lab to accurately detect influenza in under 15 minutes, while improving the experience for both technician and patient. Hear how this system eliminates difficulties associated with traditional lateral flow assay testing, helping doctors to better care for patients.