Editorial Article: Passion for sustainability: Why Starlab’s new look is sending a strong message to the scientific community

Starlab CEO Klaus Ambos answers questions on its renewed quest to take the lead as a colorful, sustainable and ethically responsible company

08 Feb 2021

Klaus Ambos, President and CEO of Starlab Group

With ample time away from the lab because of COVID-19, companies such as Starlab have had time to re-evaluate their ethical responsibilities, motivations and future goals. In late October, Starlab rebranded its corporate identity, where it looked to make an impact with its forward-thinking agenda, its openness to change, and to commit to a more sustainable future. 

In this SelectScience article, we hear from Klaus Ambos, President and CEO of Starlab Group, about how its new brand identity aligns with global demands for a more sustainable future and why Starlab is so passionate about fulfilling customers’ needs with its environmentally friendly product lines and services.

Tell us about Starlab’s new look 

KA: We gave Starlab a new design that conveys our brand identity much better and stands out from the monotonous white and grey laboratory products. We want to make our brand more visible and at the same time bring color and fun into the lab. Our colorful design reflects the diversity of science and nature. The world out there is a colorful place, and it should be in the lab too. Our new logo combines two inseparable elements that define us as a company and connects us: it stands for liquid handling and for the passion we have for our customers and our daily work.

Starlab's new logo

The company went back to what it really stands for and to what it really believes in, and started again from scratch. The new design exudes the fun and passion that Starlab has lived for years and mirrors the spirit of scientists and their incredible dedication to their work. With this new identity, the company wants to capture its passion for science and let it flow through everything it does.

Starlab looked at what really matters to the company and its customers. In the future, one color will be at the forefront: “green” - as sustainability becomes increasingly important in the lab. Although disposable materials are still indispensable in many areas, one of Starlab's main goals is to continue working on more resource-friendly solutions. 

How has sustainability played a role within the rebranding of Starlab?

KA: Sustainability is an enormously important future topic for us. We want to become more sustainable in terms of less consumption of materials and other resources in production, and also support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals.

Starlab's 3 key passions


  • Passionate for fun
  • Passionate for sustainable products
  • Passionate for customer satisfaction

A good example is our TipOne Racks: they can be reused again and again to reduce material consumption in the laboratory. The TipOne pipette tip system and our ErgoOne pipette fit perfectly together, as does our whole product portfolio. Our products are designed for every-day use in the lab and should be fun at the same time.  Each of our products has been given new, highly functional yet colorful packaging so that they can be recognized at a glance.

What does the future hold for Starlab?

KA: We’re passionate for science. That is Starlab's claim for the future and it is the guiding principle for our product development, our customer service and everything we do. This also means that we want to continually improve our solutions and make them more sustainable, so we can support those who work on the progress of mankind.

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