Editorial Article: Cell Biology Advances: From Angiogenesis Assays to 3D Cellular Models

Discover some of the latest innovations, techniques and technologies set to revolutionize cell biology research in this SelectScience editorial feature

05 Feb 2019

Cell Biology Special Feature

Welcome to the SelectScience Special Feature, showcasing the latest technology and guidance in the rapidly expanding world of cell biology. In this feature, learn about the newest developments in cell biology research and technology, including label-free cell proliferation and morphology assays; the latest tools for targeting angiogenesis; getting the best pipette for your cell biology applications; and our pick of some of the best neuroscience videos and resources.

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Hot Topics in Cell Biology:

Your Practical Guide to Selecting the Best Pipette for Your Cells

Research scientist holding a pipette

Pipettes are widely and regularly used pieces of equipment in cell culture laboratories. Whether you’re preparing media, seeding microplates, testing cellular effects or analyzing lysate, choosing a pipette that can deliver the required accuracy, precision and most importantly, confidence, can be key to experimental success. 

As well as considering the applications, given the amount of time spent using these vital pieces of equipment, it’s also important to consider the comfort factors of this long-lasting tool. In this practical selection guide from Sartorius, we look at key points to consider when choosing your next mechanical pipette, including:

  • Accuracy and Precision
  • Ergonomics
  • Preventing Contamination
  • Single vs Multichannel Pipette
  • Air vs Positive Displacement Pipette
  • Calibration and Maintenance

Download the guide or explore the latest pipettes from Sartorius.

Download Guide



Secure the State of Your Cell CultureCell proliferation monitoring - tumor heterogeneity and precision medicine application note

Monitoring the characteristics of cells during cell culture is essential for ensuring high-quality experimentation and reproducible data. 

In this application note from Bertin Instruments, we discover how the InCellis® Smart Cell Imaging System can be used to combine cell morphology, growth and confluence image analysis with real-time, label-free cell proliferation assays, for consistent results.

Download Method



Simple Tools for Assessing AngiogenesisImage representing angiogenesis

Angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels from existing vessels, plays a vital role in a range of physiological functions, including embryonic development, wound healing and skeletal growth. Studying the pathological implications of this process is key to understanding several diseases and enables the development of anti-angiogenic drugs aimed at restoring vascular homeostasis or treating cancer.

However, selecting the right assays from the large range of tools available still poses a major challenge in angiogenesis research. In this application note, we look at how PromoCell’s Angiogenesis Assay Kit provides a simple, robust and reliable semi-quantitative method for determining angiogenesis in less than 18 hours, based on assessing in vitro endothelial tube formation microscopically. Together with the right choice of endothelial cells, endotoxin-free cytokines and growth factors, it can make all the difference to your research.

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  • Innovating Cell Biology Technology to Improve Human Health

    Amy Butler, Vice President and general manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, talks to SelectScience about the latest developments and hot topics in cell biology and the how the company’s complete cell growth and modification systems can help to improve human health.

  • 3D Cellular Models for Respiratory Disease

    Discover how a team in Switzerland is harnessing the latest cell culture technology to build even more predictive 3D cellular models for respiratory disease research.

  • Neuroscience Video Interview Highlights

    Watch video highlights from the Neuroscience 2018 annual meeting in San Diego, from the latest research presented, to the new technologies innovating neurobiology research.

  • Monitor Cell Growth for Cytotoxicity and Proliferation

    Measure cell growth rates, doubling times and overall cell health by automatically tracking cell growth with time point-dependent, label-free cell counts within the same well/flask.

  • Microfluidics Chip-Based Technology

    Discover streamlined cell sorting, through cell sorter component exchange and biosafety and aerosol management systems, and keep your samples free of cross-contamination.


Image of the CosmosID stacked bar graph

Explore our selection of the biggest news stories in cell biology:

  1. The Biomechanics of Vascular Aging
  2. Novel Therapies for Cardiac Disease
  3. BrandTech Introduces New Liquid Handler for Cell Culture
  4. DeNovix Launches CellDrop: Cell Counting without Slides
  5. Novel Cellular Model of Human Microglia to Enable Neurodegenerative Disease Drug Discovery and Development

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