Editorial Article: You Wouldn’t Buy a New TV Without Reading Reviews, What About a $10,000 Analyzer?

Clinical scientists, your expertise is required! Review your equipment for your peers

18 Oct 2017

Products reviews help scientists to make informed purchasing decisions
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As busy clinical scientists and healthcare professionals, you know just how important it is to have accurate, efficient and reliable equipment in your laboratory. Product reviews allow you to begin evaluating a potential purchase right at the beginning of the product selection process, using the genuine experiences and opinions of professionals who are currently using the equipment. 

Your experience can help your peers to make important purchasing decisions

Is your analyzer user friendly, easy to troubleshoot, quick to maintain and high-throughput? Do you have minimal downtime and good service support?

Are you a mass spec specialist? An experienced molecular biologist? A clinical biochemist with immunoassay knowledge? Whatever your field of expertise, your experience could help a fellow professional to make an important purchasing decision.  

You wouldn't buy an expensive television, computer or phone without reading unbiased, third-party product reviews. Shouldn't you use reviews for expensive and essential laboratory equipment too?

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