Editorial Article: Solutions for the discovery and development CAR-T cell therapy workflow solutions - new eBook

18 Aug 2020

CAR-T cell therapy eBook front cover

A new SelectScience eBook, produced in partnership with Sartorius, provides important solutions for the effective discovery and development of CAR-T cell workflows.

While surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation have long been the treatment options of choice for cancer therapy, recent therapeutic advances seek to harness immunotherapy, making use of the body’s own immune system to attack tumor cells.

Utilizing the body’s own immune system, these CAR-T cells target the antigens present on a patient’s specific tumor to kill cancerous cells.

This new resource highlights the advantages of cutting-edge technologies and equipment, such as the Intellicyt® iQue3 Platform and IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System from Sartorius, and how these methods enable efficient, reproducible CAR-T cell workflows.

Explore the latest solutions in the development of monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapies – download the eBook >>