Editorial Article: Scientists Test the NuWind Multi-Application Centrifuge from NuAire

What scientists really think

13 May 2016

NuAire’s innovative NuWind refrigerated bench top centrifuges provide large tube capacities and multiple rotors to complete all application in virology, bacteriology, immunology, genetics, molecular biology, proteomics, microbiology and more.

Read on to discover what scientists are saying about this new technology and how you too can benefit from its user-friendly design.


Kim Ahrens at the University of Florida, uses the NuWind Centrifuge in her cell culture lab.

uniquely designed, quiet, user friendly…It is programmable for different runs and the rotor easily changeable. I would definitely recommend this quality bench top centrifuge.

Kim Ahrens

University of Florida


Jaclyn Murton uses the NuWind centrifuge frequently in her biotechnology research at Sandia National Laboratories. 

The thing I like most about NuAire products is that they are designed with the end user in mind.

Jaclyn Murton

Sandia National Laboratories


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Learn more about the range of NuWind centrifuges in this video interview with product manager, Anthony Locatelli. Hear how about the unique features that improve usability, including touchscreen display and Click-Spin technology that allows rotors to be changed in seconds.