Editorial Article: Scientists Rate the Genius Nitrogen Generator from Peak Scientific Instruments

Find out what the experts really think

21 Dec 2016

The Genius NM32LA Nitrogen Generator from Peak Scientific Instruments is a proven nitrogen supply solution for LC/MS. This convenient, mobile, quiet and economical generator has been extensively tested by the leading mass spectrometry manufacturers and used in thousands of labs. Read on to discover what leading scientists say about this generator and how it could enhance your research.




Srinivas Poojary at Manipal Acunova uses the generator for LC/MS bioanalysis in the CRO sector.

Instruments are meeting the purpose for which they have been procured. Performance is good & efficient.

Srinivas Poojary

Manipal Acunova


Srinivas Vattikuti at Natco Pharma Limited uses the generator for LC/MS applications in pharmaceutical R&D.

We are very much satisfied with the instrument performance and service after sales is good.

Srinivas Vattikuti

Natco Pharma Limited


Sandeep Supal of Umedica Laboratories Pvt. Ltd uses the generator in bioavailability and bio-equivalence studies.

It’s a very compact model and easy to use. No more troubleshooting and sales response is great.

Sandeep Supal

Umedica Laboratories Pvt. Ltd 


Philippe Eugster of the Centre hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois in France uses the generator for LC/MS analysis of peptides.

Easy to use and quiet. Second generator of this model we've

Philippe Eugster

Centre hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois


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