Editorial Article: New eBook: Download a guide to absorbance & fluorescence techniques for quantification & quality control

Explore a compendium of tips, tricks, and tools to help navigate fluorescence and absorbance techniques for the quality control of nucleic acid and protein samples

16 May 2022

Do your drug discovery or life science workflows involve quantification and quality assessment of nucleic acid samples? Here, we've teamed up with DeNovix to provide you with a handbook to improve your sample quality control processes. The eBook explores fluorescence and UV-vis absorbance techniques, and how to implement these techniques to help you get the most out of your workflows.


Fluorescence and UV-vis absorbance are complementary techniques for the quantification and quality control (QC) of biological samples such as in next generation sequencing (NGS) workflows. This eBook provides a comprehensive guide to these techniques, when to implement each method, how to troubleshoot abnormal ratios, and much more. Plus, discover a range of fluorescence quantification assays for DS-11 Series Fluorometers that offer sensitive and specific quantification for either dsDNA or RNA samples in the presence of contaminants.

Download to explore in depth descriptions, case studies, and resources on:

  • Purity ratios 
  • Quality control of dsDNA for NGS
  • Performance data of microvolume nucleic acid
  • dsDNA assay concentration limits
  • RNA assay performance data

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