Editorial Article: Leading Scientists from Around the World Gather for Environmental Food MS Meeting 2014

24 Oct 2014

Agilent Technologies recently held the 2014 Environmental Food MS Meeting in Liverpool, UK. The meeting showcased the research of leading scientists from all over the world in the field of Environmental and Food Sciences, with more than 150 delegates attending.

The agenda included Environmental lectures, Food lectures and application workshops. Many of these talks described research applications, publications and success stories and will be available on demand at Agilent Technologies Solutions to Win. The theme throughout the conference was the importance of mass spectrometry and how it enables scientists to perform research that was never possible before in these areas.

"It was very pleasing to see record numbers at our meeting in Liverpool,” said Paul Stephens, Environmental Business Manager, LSCA Agilent Technologies EMEAI and the meeting organizer. “Delegates clearly value us bringing in key speakers from across the world to talk on major issues relating to water quality and highlighting the application of the latest instrument systems to the analytical demands."

Dr Carsten Müller, of Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, UK, was one of the speakers at the conference. "My talk on 'Smelling Shelf Life' represented a completely novel application of TD-GC-MS-TOF technology, and was very well received by the audience,” he said. ”The event offered an excellent overview of the state-the-art of MS technology in environmental food analyses, and most importantly was delivered by the very people who carry those out."