Editorial Article: Have you read the new eBook on knock-out cell lines?

Explore a compendium full of tips, tricks, and tools, and explore cutting-edge research on KO cell lines

27 Jun 2022

Gene knock-out (KO) technology and the generation of KO cell lines have been essential tools in biology for studying genes of unknown function. However, the advent of CRISPR-Cas9 KO technology is expanding the range of cell lines available for research far beyond previous offerings, rendering them cheaper and more reliable through advancements such as direct injection.

Knock-out cell lines eBook cover


Additionally, recent improvements to CRISPR, for example, in its range of companion CAS enzymes, have expanded the availability of DNA sequences that can be targeted. Companies like Abcam have been, and continue to be, at the forefront of new developments in KO cell line technology, and further improvements in the specificity of targeting and repairing genomic DNA look set to herald an exciting future for personalized medicine.

Download to explore in-depth descriptions, case studies, and resources on:

  • The importance of robust KO validation
  • Sourcing the right KO cell lines for your program
  • gRNAs for increased gene-editing success
  • Investigating signaling pathways such as PD-L1 and TRAIL

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