Editorial Article: Fast, Flexible and Hands-Free: The Automated Flow Cytometer for the Modern Laboratory

Discover the new MACSQuant X flow cytometer that’s built with speed, accuracy and convenience in mind

17 Aug 2017

The MACSQuant® X Flow Cytometer
Image provided courtesy of Miltenyi Biotec
The MACSQuant® X is a flow cytometer that has been engineered to provide maximum speed and reliability in high-throughput screening. This compact system allows laboratories to meet the most challenging large-scale screening settings, offering speed, reliability and flexibility.

“This is a very fast cytometer (384 well plate in 60 minutes, 96 well plate in 15 minutes) but without compromise, meaning that you generate reliable data even at the fastest speed,” explains Svenja Meiler, Product Manager, Flow Cytometry Instruments, Miltenyi. “Not only is this flow cytometer fast, it is also flexible enough to perform as a day-to-day workhorse cytometer, as well as a screener.”

The MACSQuant® X processes and analyzes up to 10 parameters with low sample variability and less than 0.01% carryover

State-of-the-art hardware and software 

A key advantage of this flow cytometer is that it is completely automated, with hands-free maintenance and sample processing. This automated processing frees up valuable time for experienced personnel, allowing them to better use their skills for data analysis and interpretation.

An integrated robotic pipetting arm enables the automated staining of up to 384 samples at a time, so that all the user has to do is load the plate. Technicians can benefit from several resuspension options. An integrated MACSQuant® X Orbital Shaker provides gentle, two-dimensional mixing of all samples within the plate at once. A vibration needle is also utilized to enable effective, individual mixing even for hard-to-resuspend samples.

User-friendly software is key to the efficiency of any automated system. The MACSQuantifyTM Software is an intuitive interface that allows the user to plan and schedule all automated housekeeping functions, sample layouts and labelling options. The software enables the straightforward analysis of flow cytometry data, storing it in digital format that can be saved, exported or printed.

FlowlogicTM Flow Cytometry Analysis Software provides fast and accurate data analysis with integrated gating, graphing and reporting functions. The software also enables automated compensation, curve fitting, statistical analysis, cell cycle and proliferation data.

The MACSQuant® X can perform analysis on as little as 5µl of sample, in Eppendorf tubes, single FACS tubes, 24x5 FACS tubes, 96- or 384- well plates

Unique technical support

As well as advanced hardware and software, laboratories using the MACSQuant® X are also supported by round-the-clock technical expertise and troubleshooting.

“We have MACSQuant specialists in place all around the world. These specialists help users to set the instrument up, and provide significant support in setting up specific applications. Troubleshooting is further supported via our MACSQuant Live Support function. This is a very special and unique, real-time support service that Miltenyi is offering, offering live service support via webcam, and allowing the specialists to take control of the instrument if required, to resolve any issues,” says Meiler.

The Live Support service is available for customers worldwide, 24 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. Visit the Miltenyi website to view Live Support in action.


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