Editorial Article: Conquer your weighing woes with a fully pharma-compliant solution

Explore best practices, top tips and up-to-date methods to help you achieve end-to-end data integrity and full compliance when weighing in a regulated environment

28 Aug 2020

Weighing in a regulated environment can be complex, needing stringent compliance directives and controls to deliver the accuracy and reliability of results required by the pharmaceutical industry.

In this compilation of top resources, learn how to master the Cubis® II balance series from Sartorius, an adaptable, vastly configurable balance for personalized, high-performance weighing and end-to-end data integrity. Discover how this technology can help to meet the ever-demanding regulatory needs of the pharmaceutical industry, learn more about the thousands of hardware and software configurations it has available to match user and compliance requirements, and explore a step-by-step guide on how to avoid common errors and achieve weighing excellence for your applications.

Editorial article: An introduction to the Cubis II

In this article, we talk to Sartorius’ lab weighing specialist, Peter Hickey, about the features of the Cubis II balance series that can help to ensure error-free results and data integrity.


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Application eBook: Data integrity: Weighing in a regulated environment

Learn how the Cubis II balance series helps to meet the ever-demanding regulatory needs of the pharmaceutical industry with end-to-end data integrity and regulatory compliance.


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Application note: Customizable solutions for pharma compliance

The Cubis II balance portfolio offers customizable and compliant assay set-up that streamlines pharma workflows. Download this technical manual to find out more about its staggering 45 weighing modules, five software packages and 60 apps — all embedded into one benchtop platform!


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Application eBook: Ultimate guide to lab weighing success

Explore a step-by-step guide on how to avoid common errors, ensure compliance and achieve weighing excellence.


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The new generation of modular premium balances

Watch this video to learn how the Cubis II can align with your unique demands and compliance requirements to maximize operational efficiency and experimental outcomes.

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