Editorial Article: Cannabis Testing Special Feature: Latest techniques and technologies

Discover the new methods and innovations driving cannabis research forward - plus, a firsthand account of independent cannabis testing in 2020

04 Aug 2020

Cannabis Testing SelectScience special feature 2020

In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, new regulations, methods, and technologies are emerging all the time.  In this new special feature, we pull together an array of top resources to help you stay up to date with the latest developments in the field. Discover the 'right-hand book' for processing cannabis; hear about cutting-edge technology capable of analyzing both residual solvents and terpenes; explore new and improved approaches for cannabinoid detection; learn how to master temperature control for botanical extraction, and much more!

Free Webinar - SelectScience Cannabis Testing special feature 2020

Expert insight: Residual solvents and terpene analysis using headspace-GC/MSg

Join this free webinar with Agilent Technologies' Dr. Anthony Macherone to learn all the essentials for successful residual solvent analysis, top tips for effective terpenes analysis, and more - all on one instrument. Register here>>


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Processing guide: How to ensure quality, from cultivation to final products

Safe production of active compounds requires a diverse portfolio of scientific instruments and application knowledge. Download this booklet from BUCHI for an overview of processing cannabis - from plant to actives. Download here>>


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Optimization: Master temperature control for cannabinoid processing

This application note from Huber provides an in-depth guide on temperature control for botanical extraction and processing, with specific reference to cannabinoid isolation processes. Download here>>


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LC-UV analysis: Detect 16 cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis samples

Download this application note from UCT, Inc. for a simple and robust method for the detection and quantitation of 16 cannabinoids using an isocratic HPLC method. Download here>>


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Hear from the cannabis experts:

Discover the latest interviews with leading scientists in pesticide and contamination research below:

  • From startup to scale-up: Growing a U.S. cannabis testing lab with the latest technology: Explore a firsthand account of independent cannabis testing in 2020, including recommendations for sample preparation and future considerations on federal legalization Read article>>
  • Cannabis testing: The need for robust methods and true transparency: Petra Erlandson, Alkemist Labs, highlights the importance of reliable equipment, effective collaboration and harmonized practices in the rapidly changing cannabis landscape Read article>>
  • How to meet the strict requirements for edibles analysis: Dr. Rob O’Brien, CEO and CSO of Supra Research and Development, gives insight into the current regulatory challenges and breakthrough methods for cannabis testing in chocolate for the Canadian market.  Watch the interview >>
  • Quality control assessments for cannabis: In this video, Dr. Jonathan Speare, from White Buffalo Laboratories, discusses quality assurance requirements and how quantifying marijuana testing is changing the cannabis industry. Watch the interview >>
  • The increasing demand for patient safety: Learn how one diagnostic testing company in the U.S. is meeting the increasing demand for patient safety and quality assurance in the ‘wild west’ of medical cannabis. Read full interview>>
  • Advance your analysis of cannabis with Restek’s new Cannabidivarinic acid (CBDVA) standard: Restek now offers a new CBDVA certified reference material (CRM) to help labs advance their analysis of cannabis. Read product news>>

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Find out what cannabis researchers around the world are saying about the products they use! Haifeng Song, Laboratory Director at A&L Canada Laboratories Inc., shared his opinion of Raptor™ ARC-18 LC Columns by Restek Corp:

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