Editorial Article: Access your 2021 Analytical Chemistry Resource Bundle

Kickstart your new year with this compilation of top methods and technologies to help advance your analytical science

21 Jan 2021

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The need for rapid scientific progress and innovation has never been greater as we work towards a healthier future. To help kickstart 2021, we have launched a series of resource bundles for scientists worldwide. Below, you will find a compilation of key analytical chemistry resources, including eBook guides, expert webinars and more, all available for you to access completely free of charge:

TD-GC/MS: What can thermal desorption do for you?

Discover the benefits of using thermal desorption in your organic compound analysis and find out how this technique can be used in application areas such as biological profiling, food and beverage testing, and many more.


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GC technology: Choose the best gas chromatography technology for your lab

The optimization of methods starts with column selection. In this guide, discover the latest advice on how to choose the best GC column for your analysis. Based on four significant factors, column selection is different for each type of analysis. Download the guide today, and keep the advice to hand.


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Clinical LC-MS/MS: Maximize throughput with multichannel liquid chromatography

Learn how you can perform fast, efficient LC-MS/MS analyses using multichannel LC and online sample technologies. In this eBook, we present the key benefits of this technology and its use in LC-MS systems to maximize throughput for a range of applications


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Mass spectrometry: The ultimate workflow for small molecule discovery

Discovery-based small molecule research is a rapidly developing sector that requires effective and efficient workflows to address the broad range of sample types. Transform your small molecule characterization and identification studies and explore case studies in application areas including untargeted metabolomics, lipid profiling, natural product annotation, and pesticide screening.   


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Raman spectroscopy: Rapid QC of healthcare products

In this application compendium, we look at some of the wide-ranging applications of Raman microscopy to address various formulation challenges encountered by the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Download this free eBook to discover how Raman microscopy can yield information on molecular structures, crystal phases, polymorphisms, and more.


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Expert insights:

  • Dr. Eriks Kupce, Bruker BioSpin, demonstrates how to make significant speed and sensitivity gains in NMR by using NOAH supersequences. Watch webinar>>
  • Dr. Phil Koerner, Phenomenex, presents tips to help you leverage HPLC and UHPLC column particle morphologies to improve or optimize a specific aspect of your separations. Watch webinar>>
  • Thibault Brulé, HORIBA Scientific, discusses how Raman spectroscopy can be used to solve everyday work challenges associated with studying polymers. Watch webinar>>
  • Dr. Horacio Pappa, United States Pharmacopeia, Dr. Phil Borman, GSK, James Pound, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and Heather Longden, Waters Corporation, discuss new pharmacopeia guidelines and give advice on analytical procedure development. Watch webinar>>


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