Editorial Article: A simple step to upgrade your routine HPLC analysis

The new Arc HPLC System from Waters is exciting QC scientists with its promise of enhanced performance and effortless modernization from any HPLC legacy models

06 Aug 2020


Arc HPLC System by Waters Corporation

Are you worried about transferring LC methods when upgrading your systems to meet new regulatory demands? Or perhaps you believe modern units don’t perform comparably with well-tested ones? The new Arc HPLC System by Waters Corporation, combined with the compliant-ready Empower Software, is a pioneering versatile LC system designed to allay these concerns and ensure accurate measurements, consistent analyses, and trust in your results. The system aims to meet all the requirements of a top-of-the-line system in a cost-competitive package that fits into your LC routine with ease.

It is no surprise then, that whether in pharmaceutical, food, academic, or material markets, it has caught the imagination of researchers looking to redevelop their methods and testing facilities. “As a Waters customer for many years, we have standardized on Waters instrumentation and Empower software for testing,” said Bo Chen, Instrument Manager, Luoxin Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. “Their instrumentation has proven to be reliable and rugged and we know from experience that they stand by their products. The new Arc HPLC System appears to be highly suited for testing of finished products and we are eager to give it a closer look.”

The new Arc HPLC System appears to be highly suited for testing of finished products and we are eager to give it a closer look

Bo Chen

Luoxin Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Seamless integration and method retention

Unrivaled versatility and ease of utilization form the core of the Arc HPLC’s strengths, enabling users to achieve equivalent test results without compromising established method integrities or adapting validated gradient tables. The upgrade to existing LC routines is intended to be seamless, preserving existing, well-incorporated methods without loss in data quality. In HPLC method transfer tests with a separate Alliance System, the Arc HPLC System successfully replicated chromatographic separation quality with comparable retention times, thus eliminating any need for manual dwell volume adjustments.

“We designed the Waters Arc HPLC System exclusively for QC laboratories knowing how important trustworthy test results are to help ensure the uninterrupted supply of safe and effective medicines,” said Dr. Robert Buco, Director, Separations Technology, Global Product Management, Waters Corporation. “Arc HPLC is for customers who are ready to modernize legacy instruments while preserving their specific QC methods. Waters makes it simple, providing a unique two-injection method transfer capability from any brand of HPLC instrument onto the Arc HPLC System.”

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Precision to handle any stringent testing needs

Despite the emphasis on ease of operation, the Arc HPLC demonstrates leading performance in United States Pharmacopeia (USP) efficiency, USP tailing, and injection precision, with the USP assay for losartan potassium achieving an injection precision of <0.5%. Furthermore, the system performs competitively against most binary HPLC systems, delivering similar retention time stability and superior peak area repeatability in a separation comparison at high flow rates.


Features of the new Arc HPLC System
  • High-sensitivity optical detectors
  • Negligible carryover
  • Successful transfer of methods in just two injections
  • Column technology
  • Program gradients directly in terms of pH and ionic strength
  • Quaternary solvent management
  • Holistic offerings
  • Designed for robustness

Efficiency boosts productivity

In addition to leading injection precision statistics, the system features greatly increased backpressure tolerance and lower analyte carryover, allowing high flow rates with smaller particle columns while lowering analytical run time and mobile phase consumption. Coupled with pinpoint injection precision, this amounts to enhanced accuracy and reproducibility of routine test results. Vastly improved efficiency only serves to boost productivity; hence the system is crucial for QC laboratories prioritizing quick and trustworthy test results, ensuring the uninterrupted supply of safe and effective medicines.

All in all, as a platform built to support Analytical Quality by Design method development and highly reproducible analyses, the Arc HPLC System is the perfect fit for any researchers seeking to modernize legacy instruments while retaining specific testing methods. The system boasts unmatched flexibility in a reliable, high-quality design that aims to balance performance and value. Whatever your research needs, whether ensuring the safety of a new, innovative LC system or the maintenance and supply of an existing one, its robustness and efficiency is designed to lighten your regulatory burdens and financial or clinical risks.

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