Editorial Article: 5 Essential Methods to Help Improve Protein-Based Experiments

In this SelectScience special feature dedicated to protein biology, discover methods to improve your experiments

03 Dec 2018

Improve your methods in protein biology: Learn about protein extraction practices, protein structure tools, and ligand screening automation, among other applications, in our special feature.

PROTEIN AGGREGATION: Monitor Prefibrillar Aggregation Using New, Specific Fluorogen

A new broad-spectrum fluorescent probe monitors prefibrillar aggregation of a variety of amyloid proteins in situ using fluorescence polarization. The method using BMG Labtech's CLARIOstar offers details.



LIGAND SCREENING: How Automating Ligand Screens Could Accelerate Drug Development

In a case study featuring Avitide, learn how using an automated workflow for affinity ligand discovery and screening with ForteBio's Octet HTX led to production of more than 5,000 ligands each week.



PROTEIN EXTRACTION: Best Practices in Protein Sample Prep

Degradation is a common problem when extracting thermo-sensitive proteins. Here, Bertin Instruments presents best practices for homogenization and lysis while maintaining a constant temperature of 4°C.



ANTIBODY PURIFICATION:  An Automated Two-Step Purification of Mouse Antibody

The purification of antibodies, an integral part of molecular biology and diagnostics, is typically time-consuming and tedious. Here, KNAUER presents a two-step automated process to obtain purified antibodies fast.




PROTEIN STRUCTURE: A New Sensitive Tool for Protein Structural Analysis

A new infrared spectroscopy tool developed by RedShift Bio offers sensitive and accurate determination of protein secondary structure relative to conventional methods. This poster details the higher order structure (HOS) study.



Useful Editorial Articles and Videos in Protein Biology



How to Choose an Antibody that Works

In this interview, Dr. Hüseyin Besir, Head of PROGEN’s R&D, discusses the factors that affect antibody performance and reveals what influences the antibody’s quality.



Your Ultimate Antibody Guide: Best Practices and Top Tips

Learn how to choose the best types of antibody for your application, plus discover top tips for antigen and antibody optimization and validation.


Protein Conformational Arrays for Therapeutic mAb Development

In this video presentation, Xing Wang, from Array Bridge, introduces a new technology for protein conformational analysis. Wang explains how it was developed, the bridging studies that were used  — from the original ELISA assay to xMAP — and how this new technology is being used to study immunogenicity correlation.


How Protein-Small Molecule Interactions Could Reveal New Therapeutic Targets

Dr. Ivan Cornella-Taracido, of Cedilla Therapeutics, discusses his work looking for therapeutic targets by harnessing protein homeostasis and shares his insights into the future of drug discovery.



Understanding Novel Oncogenic Regulators in Breast Cancer

Scientists at Stony Brook University, New York, have discovered that the previously known antiviral protein BST2, also known as tetherin or CD371, functions as an oncogenic driver in breast cancer-promoting cell adhesion, growth, migration, and invasion of tumor cells.