UVP, LLC and Analytik Jena – Life Science Unlimited

3 Nov 2014
Sarah Thomas
Associate Editor

Visit UVP and Analytik Jena at Neuroscience 2014, booth 1800, to see equipment for workflow solutions for your Life Science research.

BioImaging Systems featured at the meeting include the iBox® Explorer™2 Imaging Microscope which enables macro to micro technology for fluorescence in vivo animal imaging. The iBox Explorer provides breakthrough advances with dual lighting and software-controlled objectives for imaging and high resolution capture of whole animals, tissue margins to individual cells. For information on the iBox Explorer, go to http://www.uvp.com/iboxexplorer2.html.

The ChemiDoc-It®TS2 Imager enables quick and easy image capture with the touch of the screen. The integrated computer, touch screen and exclusive capture software simplify workflow for imaging of chemiluminescent, fluorescent and colorimetric gels and blots. System optimizes gel and blot imaging with the highly sensitive megapixel resolution, cooled CCD camera. View low light samples in the light-tight darkroom which creates an optimum environment for chemiluminescent blots. No film required for chemiluminescent western blot imaging. Add a BioLite MultiSpectral Light Source for illumination and excitation of fluorescent western blots in the NIR range.

Perform basic gel documentation with the BioDoc-It® Imaging System, a compact stand-alone unit with built-in touch screen. Learn more about UVP’s BioImaging Systems at http://www.uvp.com/systemsoverview.html.

Additional UVP products include ultraviolet lamps and UV viewing cabinets. HEPA/UV PCR hoods and workstations. HEPA systems feature three-stage filter system and 254nm UV for decontamination. Precision heated hybridization ovens include the unique HL-2000 HybriLinker which features a hybridization oven and UV crosslinker chambers in one unit for maximizing procedures. For details on UV and laboratory products, go to http://uvp.com/uvlabproducts.html.

As part of Analytik Jena, UVP now offers their products in the United States and Canada. Analytik Jena products include manual and fully automated nucleic acid extraction systems, standard and real-time qPCR thermal cyclers (qTOWER, FlexCycler and SpeedCycler), SpeedMillPlus homogenizer, ScanDrop spectrophotometer, plus liquid handling/robotic systems. Optimized DNA/RNA extraction, isolation and enrichment kits are available for use with a variety of starting materials. Pick up your "Kits to Go" tool box at the booth (1800) or stop by to request a free demo sample kit.

Analytik Jena’s Dual chemistry (DC) technology is an entirely new technology platform for the isolation and purification of nucleic acids. The DC technology represents an extremely efficient lyse for base materials -- much higher sample volumes can be processed. The revolutionary technology ensures a high binding capacity and a much higher yield. The number of steps for purifying DNA fragments from amplification reactions is reduced from 4 to 2: binding and eluting. All the other steps are eliminated due to the low salt concentration – saving a notable amount of time and labor. “The kits from Analytik Jena distinguish themselves through the application of innovative DC technology, for which a patent is pending. Thanks to our DC technology, Analytik Jena’s extraction kits for isolating viral DNA and RNA achieve above-average sensitivity, which leads to an improvement in the detection limit,” said Alexander Berka, General Manager of Analytik Jena’s Life Science business unit.