The most sensitive high-throughput screening microplate reader

27 Jan 2016
Lynsey Forsyth
Post Doc / Research Fellow

The latest in high-throughput screening innovation was launched by BMG LABTECH at SLAS2016. Unbeatable sensitivity, speed in up to 3456-well microplates and unmatched flexibility make this new microplate reader the go-to instrument for screening and assay development.

Unbeatable sensitivity in Fluorescence Intensity and Polarization
Fastest read times with Simultaneous Dual Emission (including AlphaPlex™)
9 decades Luminescence dynamic range
Full absorbance spectra (220-1000 nm) in under 1 second per well
New generation TRF laser for higher performance
Dedicated Alpha Technology laser
All microplate formats up to 3456-well

Never worry about which filter or dichroic mirror is installed!

Assay-specific Optic Modules are configured with all the necessary optical components, including excitation and emission filters, dichroic mirrors, and polarization filters. The up to six Optic Modules are easily exchangeable and can be set up for top and bottom reading.

Simultaneous Dual Emission for increased efficiency

BMG LABTECH has been a pioneer of the Simultaneous Dual Emission detection technique, which helps labs to increase throughput while minimizing sample expenditure. The PHERAstar® FSX can now also perform Simultaneous Dual Emission detection for AlphaPlex™ - increasing throughput considerably by cutting read times in half.

Find out more about the PHERAstar FSX here