The Innovative Liquid Crystal Modulation Ellipsometer for Advanced Thin Film Characterisation

24 Jan 2006

HORIBA Jobin Yvon introduces the new MM-16, a competitively priced spectroscopic ellipsometer that extends the capabilities of classical ellipsometry for the characterisation of thin film thickness and optical properties with exceptionally high accuracy.

The MM-16 is unique in its ability to collect full spectral ellpsometric data (2048 points) at high resolution and calculate the complete 16-element Mueller Matrix in <2 seconds. This allows simple characterisation of complex birefringent materials, and also simplifies the investigation of samples exhibiting depolarisation effects.

These unique capabilities fulfil the requirements for standard thin film metrology as well as many emerging applications using complex materials and structures in the display, biotechnology, packaging and semiconductor areas.

The MM-16 is controlled from the DeltaPsi2 integrated software package to provide turnkey operation for a wide range of industrial and research applications.