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Discover the human side of laboratory medicine with our #Lab4Life editorial feature

19 Apr 2024
Lawrence Howes
Editorial Assistant

Join us as we celebrate Medical Laboratory Professionals Week throughout April with our dedicated Clinical #Lab4Life Editorial Feature. Behind the scenes of every medical diagnosis lies a team of dedicated professionals whose expertise and precision are the cornerstone of patient care.

In this exclusive series, we delve into the world of clinical laboratories, amplifying the voices of renowned lab professionals who share their insights, experiences, and the vital role they play in healthcare.

Explore the vital world of clinical laboratory professionals with exclusive videos curated by the editorial team here at SelectScience. Below are previews from our captivating clips offering insights into the innovations of those shaping modern healthcare. Join us as we uncover the stories behind the science.

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Westgard reflects on driving QC, AI and career nurturing

Dr. James Westgard, renowned in clinical quality control for over 50 years, shares insights in an exclusive interview. As co-founder of Westgard QC, Inc., his name resonates globally in clinical laboratories. Reflecting on his career alongside his son, Sten Westgard, also a QC expert, they discuss their profound impact on the industry.


Yale School of Medicine Lab Director reflects on career

Yale School of Medicine Laboratory Director, Prof. Joe M. El-Khoury describes his experience of how the landscape of clinical laboratory medicine has changed over his career so far, and reflects on some of his most memorable and rewarding moments in the clinical lab.


Roche Diagnostics celebrates unsung heroes of healthcare

Listen to Dr. Robert Loberg, Vice President, Lifecycle Leader – Oncology & Genetics at Roche Diagnostics, as he reflects on the extraordinary work carried out by clinical lab staff and thanks them for their dedication and commitment.

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