Sample storage plays a vital role in ensuring accurate and reliable results

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26 Sept 2023
Lawrence Howes
Editorial Assistant

Ensuring sample integrity keeps laboratories running smoothly and protects research. In this article, Techcomp Lab Products discusses how Froilabo freezers can help to preserve sample quality.

Key points:

  • Sample storage plays a vital role in laboratories, with many samples being stored at –80°C
  • Maintaining sample integrity is a priority to generate viable and reproducible data
  • Froilabo freezers are optimized for daily use – with minimal temperature fluctuations even with frequent door opening
  • The cyro-accumulator option provides extra sample security in the event of a power outage – ensuring samples remain viable

Temperature control is critical to the quality control

Sample storage is often an overlooked area in a laboratory, however, sample storage plays a vital role in the laboratory, and storage conditions can significantly impact your sample, which affects data results, reproducibility, and reliability.

Storing samples at –80°C helps maintain sample integrity, allowing the laboratory to analyze the sample at a time and date that is convenient for them whilst preventing sample degradation. Insufficient storage conditions can affect sample specificity, integrity, reactivity, stability, viability, and more.

Froilabo freezers ensure sample integrity

To ensure accurate and reliable results, it is vital that your ULT freezer maintains sample integrity. Naturally, the frequent and daily use of a freezer will impact the temperature, therefore it is vital to utilize a freezer that can restore the desired temperature quickly and efficiently to maintain sample integrity.

Froilabo freezers are optimized for daily use, with minimal temperature fluctuations and fast temperature recovery even with frequent door opening. The Evolution and Trust freezers have been designed to maintain sample integrity and security.

Power cuts and your samples

What happens to the integrity of your samples during an unprecedented event like a power cut? Froilabo has developed additional safety measures to ensure sample integrity even during a power outage. The cyro-accumulator or CO2 / LN2 options are independent systems that result in a delayed temperature rise, providing the user with up to 18 hours of sample security. This ensures that there is sufficient time to notice a problem and relocate their invaluable samples. Therefore, if there is a power outage, or the freezer is accidentally turned off – your samples will remain safe.

Evolution and Trust freezers by Froilabo

Froilabo Evolution and Trust freezers

The Evolution and Trust freezers both focus on sample integrity and excellent temperature homogeneity to ensure sample integrity.
If your laboratory requires the ability to track data and check any temperature fluctuations, then the Evolution freezer is the best option. If you have a smaller budget and want a quick and easy way to instantly tell the freezer status, then the Trust freezer is the more suitable storage solution.

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