MALDImini-1 - Minimum size, maximum performance

MS analyzes possible over a wide mass range, even with small sample volumes

22 Jun 2022
Rory Shadbolt
Publishing / Media

Shimadzu, one of the world's leading companies in instrumental analysis, is introducing the new MALDImini-1 to the German market at analytica 2022. The world's first digital mass spectrometer that can also be used to examine larger molecules. The MALDImini-1 was developed for the analysis of biological samples, from, for example, metabolites to complex molecular structures such as proteins. This system is suitable for a variety of different questions in the academic environment, in drug develop

The name of the MALDImini-1 derives from its minimal size but is associated with maximum performance. The system combines proven MALDI technology with patented ion trap technology. It is characterized by a "Minimal" footprint: Thanks to its compact size, the MALDImini-1 can be installed in places where mass analysis devices were previously taboo. Thanks to the sophisticated and innovative technology, the required space has been reduced to DIN A3 format. "Minimal" measurement time: Easy access to the device allows users to quickly record measurement data and check results. "Minimal" sample volume: Complex structural analyses can even be carried out with sample volumes in the lower µl range.

Ion trap mass spectrometers can be installed almost anywhere

While in the past devices for MS analyzes were associated with high installation requirements, the MALDImini-1 can be installed almost anywhere due to its very small space requirement and low weight. Detailed structural analyzes are possible in a very short time thanks to simple sample preparation and fast data acquisition.

MS 3 analysis is possible over a wide mass range, even with small sample quantities

The combination of the MALDI ion source with the digital ion trap technology allows highly sensitive analyses up to MS to be carried out, even with small sample volumes. In this way, not only the mass of the various analytes can be checked, but also a wide range of other applications, such as the identification of proteins and the investigation of the structure of glycans and glycopeptides. In addition to the detection of the entire molecule in the MS data, the glycan sequence can also be determined from MS/MS data and the amino acid sequence of the peptide backbone from MS data.

Red Dot: Best of the Best Award

In 2021, the MALDImini-1 received the "Red Dot: Best of the Best Award", the highest award in the competition. This award is reserved for the best products in a category for outstanding design.

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