Genedata introduces AI analytics to enhance quality control and novel phenotype detection in high-content screening

New release of Genedata Imagence boosts speed, efficiency, and quality of HCS image analysis

21 Jan 2021
Tom Casburn
Associate Editor

Genedata, the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for biopharmaceutical R&D, has announced the release of Genedata Imagence® 3.0, the latest version of the deep learning-based software that automates the analysis of high-content screening (HCS) imaging data. The release of the award-winning software features significant enhancements developed in close collaboration with leading partners in the biopharmaceutical industry who are using Genedata Imagence to automate complex HCS imaging workflows in order to scale up their R&D processes. Genedata Imagence 3.0 will be presented at the SLAS2021 Digital International Conference and Exhibition next week.

The latest enhancements include AI-based analytics that improve HCS result quality, including an innovative “uncertainty metric” that qualifies a deep learning-based classification model to enable automatic rejection of questionable results. Consequently, wastage of time and resources on following up spurious results is substantially reduced. Genedata Imagence now also automatically flags novel phenotypes (e.g. reflecting new, hitherto undiscovered modes of drug action), thus enabling scientists to focus their attention on new hypotheses generated by such a priori unexpected results. In combination with its innovative visualizations, Genedata Imagence 3.0 thus enables very rapid incorporation of new findings into already trained neural network models and the efficient (re-) analysis of other and larger high content screens.

As for other components of the Genedata Biopharma Platform, development of Genedata Imagence remains focused on supporting all leading HCS instruments, irrespective of technology vendor, and strengthening the comparability of results across different instruments, labs and sites. The software is designed to integrate easily with other enterprise software systems, offering full data capture options and image store integration within a full, smooth analysis workflow for screening applications, from raw data to pharmacological endpoints.

The full automation of image processing and simplified analysis workflows in Genedata Imagence shorten project cycles and do away with the need for extensive expert analysis customization. Images and results are available in real time and the scalable architecture guarantees the best possible performance at any time.

“The new features we have introduced in Genedata Imagence 3.0 illustrate our firm commitment at Genedata to automate as much as possible the analysis of HCS, a bottleneck in drug discovery,” noted Othmar Pfannes, Ph.D., CEO of Genedata. “It’s also proof of our focus on helping our customers to speed up their R&D processes, reducing costs due to poor data quality and enabling efficient collaboration within a highly challenging domain.”

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