Full meeting agenda: Virtual Analytical Summit 2023 – February 14

For its third year running, this free-to-attend online event in the scientific calendar will bring together scientific leaders and manufacturers in analytical research and development

14 Feb 2023
Georgina Wynne Hughes
Editorial Assistant

The full exciting presentation schedule has now been announced for the upcoming SelectScience® Virtual Analytical Summit 2023, taking place on February 14. Featuring presentations from Imperial College London, Vanderbilt University, The University of Illinois, Rowan University, and Washington University in St. Louis, among others, this free-to-attend online event offers an interactive forum for scientists and manufacturers to connect, showcase the latest research, and share cutting-edge technology solutions for analytical research and development.

The Summit will host talks by world-leading scientists, live Q&As, video interviews, interactive resource booths, and unique networking opportunities. Attendees will also be able to view academic and industry posters submitted by our global scientific community, leave comments, ask questions, and prompt collaboration through 1-on-1 chat facilities.

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Keynote speakers

  • Prof. Jonathan Sweedler, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois
  • Dr. Diane Turner, Director, Owner, and Senior Consultant, Anthias Consulting Limited


Tuesday, February 14

The Summit sessions will take place in two concurrent tracks. Track 1 talks cover Advances in mass spectrometry, while Track 2 is focused on Trends in chemical and biological analysis. Times in bold are shown as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


 12:30 (CET) 
06:30 (EST)
03:30 (PST)

Opening address & Poster session

 13:15 (CET) 
07:15 (EST)
04:15 (PST)

Doing more with less: LC/MS & LC/IM/MS

Prof. Ian Wilson, Visiting Professor, Imperial College London

Immunoassay validation for quantitative bioanalytical assay

Dr. Marianne Scheel Fjording, Founder and CEO, BIOLYZR 13:00
 14:00 (CET) 
08:00 (EST)
05:00 (PST)

Multi-omics approaches to biofluids and tissues

Dr. Elizabeth Want, Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London

Biofuels in the near future: Trends and challenges

Dr. Dimitris Georgantas, QA/QC manager, GF ENERGY 13:45
 14:45 (CET) 
08:45 (EST)
05:45 (PST)

Advanced phenomics with structural mass spectrometry

Prof. John A. McLean, Stevenson Professor of Chemistry, Vanderbilt University

Analysis of the effect of base-pair mismatch on DNA melting temperatures through UV-visible absorption spectroscopy

Dr. Jennifer Empey, Thermo Fisher Scientific 14:30
 15:30 (CET) 
09:30 (EST)
06:30 (PST)

The multiple dimensions of metabolite identification in LC-MS based non-targeted metabolomics

Prof. Michael Witting, Professor of Metabolomics and Proteomics Core, Helmholtz Munich

USP monographs: How to modernize for optimal benefits

Kenneth Berthelette, Senior Scientist, Waters Corporation 15:15
 16:15 (CET) 
10:15 (EST)
07:15 (PST)

Virtual coffee break - Connect with fellow attendees using our proximity-based chat room

 16:35 (CET) 
10:35 (EST)
07:35 (PST)

Methods for high throughput single cell profiling using mass spectrometry

Keynote: Prof. Jonathan Sweedler, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois

Transferring analytical-scale LC separations to compact capillary LC instrumentation

Dr. James Grinias, Associate Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry & Research, Rowan University 16:20
 17:20 (CET) 
11:20 (EST)
08:20 (PST)

Smart pesticide LC/MS megamethods! Routine screening of 500 pesticides using an intelligent triple quadrupole LC/MS platform

Dr. Patrick Batoon, Product Manager, Agilent

Advanced GC techniques for problem compounds

Keynote: Dr. Diane Turner, Director, Owner, and Senior Consultant, Anthias Consulting Limited 17:05
 18:05 (CET) 
12:05 (EST)
09:05 (PST)

Metabolomics for precision medicine

Prof. Gary Patti, Professor of Chemistry and of Genetics and Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis 17:50
 18:50 (CET) 
12:50 (EST)
09:50 (PST)

Poster session


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