Download 4 infographics on sample prep techniques for GC and GC-MS

Series of free explainer infographics summarize headspace, SPME, high capacity sorptive extraction (HiSorb) and thermal desorption

28 Nov 2019
Laura Sisman
Administrator / Office Personnel

Markes has released a series of infographics summarizing sample preparation techniques for GC and GC-MS.

Each infographic gives an explanation of a sample preparation technique covering how it works, key applications, advantages and disadvantages of the technique and more.

These infographics are useful for everyone who wants to optimize their gas chromatography techniques. Whether you are just starting out and need an introduction to each technique, or an experienced analytical chemist, these infographics provide all the information needed for these popular sample preparation techniques for gas chromatography.

Download the infographics below:

Markes Centri® combines all these techniques on a single platform, providing analytical laboratories with increased sample throughput and higher productivity.

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