Boost lab safety and efficiency with bottle-top dispensers

Find out how the BRAND Dispensette S bottle-top dispenser stands out, offering efficient, precise, and safe liquid handling solutions for all lab needs

10 Jul 2024
Carrie Haslam
Associate Editor

Among the many tools that sit on laboratory benches, bottle-top dispensers stand as an innovative and sustainable resource, transforming the way liquids are handled and dispensed with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Each experiment and analysis depends on precise measurement and safe handling of liquids. Whether in a university research laboratory or a diagnostic laboratory, bottle-top dispensers are essential tools for the accurate measurement and handling of liquids.

Find out how the BRAND® Dispensette® S Bottle-top Dispenser stands out in a competitive liquid handling market as the leader in dispensing for over 50 years.

Precision exemplified

In fields as diverse as pharmaceuticals, chemistry, environmental testing, and food safety, the need for accurate liquid dispensing is undeniable. Bottle-top dispensers have become a standard in the lab for safety, convenience and precision to eliminate poured reagent transfers. Unlike traditional glassware like graduated cylinders or volumetric flasks, which measure volumes based on containment rather than delivery, bottle-top dispensers operate on the principle of positive displacement. This means that the piston physically pushes the liquid through the cylinder, defining the volume precisely to the receiving vessel. Bottle top dispensers have become a standard in the lab for safety, convenience and precision to eliminate poured reagent transfers.

Two positive displacement mechanisms govern the operation of bottle-top dispensers: the wiping seal and the floating piston. The former, while requiring higher operating forces due to friction, ensures complete containment of the liquid within the cylinder, reducing the risk of leakage and contamination. Conversely, the latter, devoid of a bottom seal, operates with reduced force and facilitates one-handed operation. However, meticulous care is essential to maintain the close tolerance gap between the piston and cylinder, necessitating proper selection of dispenser models and adherence to cleaning protocols.

The Dispensette S series embodies advanced features such as improved safety valves, faster priming mechanisms, easier volume selection, and reduced operating forces. Moreover, the Dispensette S offers versatility – with a variety of bottle adapters and accessories, it seamlessly adapts to virtually any unpressurized application, from general-purpose dispensing to specialized needs in organics, concentrated acids, and trace analysis.

Consistency and efficiency

Consistency and ease of use are the principle benefits of bottle-top dispensers in laboratory workflow. The positive displacement mechanism on a bottle-top dispenser ensures consistent delivery of volumes, eliminating the uncertainties associated with residual volumes in glassware especially in experiments where volume accuracy can significantly affect outcomes (e.g. composition of pH media for cell growth). This not only enhances reproducibility in experiments but also minimizes the risk of human error, inherent in manual pouring and measurement techniques.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of bottle-top dispensers into laboratory workflows streamlines processes, saving both time and effort. With a range of thread adapters catering to various reagent bottles and the option for remote dispensing from drums, the implementation of these dispensers is swift and hassle-free. Repetitive dispensing tasks, integral to buffer and reagent preparation, are effortlessly accomplished with bottle-top dispensers, ensuring consistent results with minimal operator intervention.

Dispensette® S Bottletop Dispensers

Bottle-top dispensers enhance lab efficiency by providing precise and safe liquid measurement and handling.

A safer option

The inherent design of traditional glassware, such as graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks, presents significant exposure risks to laboratory personnel. The open necks and manual pouring methods leave ample opportunities for accidental spills, splashes, and exposure to hazardous chemicals.

In contrast, the Dispensette S bottle-top dispenser series incorporates several key safety features aimed at minimizing these risks. The safety ball valve, a hallmark feature of these dispensers, remains closed unless the discharge tube is properly assembled, preventing unintended dispensing and minimizing the likelihood of exposure to hazardous substances. The reinforced discharge tube, coupled with a secure cap, provides an additional layer of protection against spills and splashes, ensuring that dangerous chemicals remain contained within the dispenser's system.

The Dispensette S series offers specialized accessories designed to enhance sterility and safety in laboratory workflows. Accessories such as flexible discharge tubes and microfilters enable direct dispensing into intended vessels such as cell culture media into plates, scintillation fluid into test tubes, or standards into cuvettes while preventing airborne particles from compromising experiment integrity. By incorporating these accessories into their workflows, laboratories can further mitigate the risk of contamination and ensure the safety of personnel and materials.

The adoption of bottle-top dispensers promises not only enhanced reproducibility and efficiency but also a safer working environment. As laboratories navigate the complex terrains of research and diagnostics, the Dispensette S bottle-top dispensers are an indispensable tool in every productive lab.

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