BMG LABTECH announces the new PHERAstar Plus – HTRF<sup>®</sup> reading always one step ahead

10 Mar 2008
Kerry Parker

BMG LABTECH, the world leader in microplate reader technology, launches the new top-of-the line HTS plate reader PHERAstar Plus with Advanced HTRF®/ TR-FRET and luminescence reading capability. The PHERAstar Plus incorporates a package of technological innovations to provide a highly reliable, yet versatile, feature-packed microplate reader for a wide range of assays. Visit us at booth B1-315 at the Analytica 2008 to learn more about the PHERAstar Plus.

The PHERAstar Plus performs all leading detection technologies: fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence / TR-FRET, laser-based AlphaScreen®, luminescence / BRET, and UV/Vis absorbance. The PHERAstar Plus' fourfold increase in luminescence sensitivity and Advanced HTRF® / TR-FRET reading are achieved through innovations in the lens-based optical system combined with a unique technology which ensures the use of different PMTs optimized for each reading mode. Thus, the PHERAstar Plus outperforms all other TR-FRET readers on the market today. In addition, BMG LABTECH offers the only reader on the market that can capture TR-FRET decay curves in real-time for assay optimization. The PHERAstar Plus can be integrated into numerous robotic platforms for HTS work or equipped with BMG LABTECH's 50 plate Stacker II.

The PHERAstar Plus is driven by a new version of BMG LABTECH’s well-known Reader Control software and the new generation Data Analysis and Reduction Software, MARS. The Wizard creates an easy step-by-step calculation of a standard curve and the Template Manager is an excellent tool for building complex data processing protocols. Thus, user-defined data analysis is done simply by one click of the mouse. Enhanced robotic integration capabilities, digital signature and the 21 CFR part 11 compliance of MARS complete this new software, making the PHERAstar Plus the HTS reader of your choice. Technical details and instrument specifications will be released on April 1, 2008. Information about BMG LABTECH´s microplate readers can be found on the company website, linked to at the Article webpage.

HTRF® is a registered trademark of Cisbio International