Bio-Rad Launches Real-Time PCR Data Analysis Software for Collection, Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization

15 Jun 2017
Lois Manton-O'Byrne
Executive Editor

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. has announced the launch of CFX Maestro Software for CFX Real-Time Instruments, a complete workflow solution for real-time PCR data collection and analysis. CFX Maestro is the only real-time PCR instrument software that integrates statistical analysis, data visualization, and publication-ready graphics production in one platform. And, like its predecessors, it enables researchers to set up and run qPCR experiments with ease.

“CFX Maestro actually integrates both data collection and later steps like statistical analysis and creating graphs, which makes it really easy to run quickly through your data and do a pre-assessment,” said Leena Kadam, a graduate student in the lab of Sascha Drewlo at Wayne State University.

“Researchers want to focus on results, not process,” said Aaron Burke, Bio-Rad Global Product Manager, Gene Expression Division. “Bio-Rad’s response is to deliver software that makes real-time PCR as painless as possible, from plate setup to data analysis to publication. We’ve also introduced a Mac version of the software, so researchers can analyze their data on a Mac or a PC.”

Unlike other real-time PCR software that requires researchers to export their data into another software package for in-depth analysis, CFX Maestro addresses the needs of researchers during every step of real-time PCR data analysis. The program includes tools to support reference gene selection, efficiency-corrected relative normalization, data visualization (e.g., bar charts, the ability to edit and annotate graphs), statistics (e.g., t-tests and one- and two-way ANOVA), and multiplate analysis.

“CFX Maestro allows us to directly analyze our data and really see if it’s meaningful,” said Sascha Drewlo, PhD, an associate professor in Wayne State’s School of Medicine. “If you have to export data and go back to the office, it is not very handy. So we really rely on software that is easy to use and straightforward."

The intuitiveness of CFX Maestro starts from the beginning with assay design, where researchers can easily set up their plate and run conditions or use a predesigned PrimePCR™ plate and run files that automatically set up plate and run conditions. While other systems may require scientists to set up their plates before performing a run, CFX Maestro permits them to do so before, during, or even after a run, to save time.