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Application eBook: Upgrade your single-cell data with higher-plexing
30 April 2020

RNA plays an important role in the regulation of cellular processes, making it an ideal biomarker for dynamic gene expression changes in both healthy cells and disease phenotypes.  In situ hybridization (ISH) technology provides a powerful method to detect this gene expression, at single-cell resolution, within the spatial and morphological context of an intact tissue. Advanced Cell Diagnostics offer a comprehensive portfolio of ISH assays, with various levels of plexing, that can be applied to a wide range of applications, from neuroscience to immuno-oncology to cell therapy.

In this application eBook, we present: 

  • A series of case studies illustrating the research capabilities of high-plexing assays
  • An outline of the benefits of the RNAscope™ technology 
  • Top tips on how to achieve accurate, reliable results for virtually any target species, tissue, or gene