Application Note: The New 851 and 852 Titrando – Straightforward Determination of Water Content and Bromine Index
18 August 2010

Metrohm announce the new 851 Titrando and 852 Titrando coulometers. Both instruments can determine the water content coulometrically; with the 852 Titrando it can also be determined volumetrically. As a new feature, both instruments can also determine the bromine index. Another new feature exclusively offered in the new Titrando coulometers is the auto-start function.

New: determination of the bromine index
Coulometric titrations can be carried out fast and easily with the 851 Titrando. The 852 can also carry out volumetric Karl Fischer titrations. A new feature in both instruments is the determination of the bromine index according to ASTM D 1159, which does not require any additional equipment. Both instruments can be controlled either by the Touch Control operation unit as stand-alone systems or connected to a PC and controlled by Metrohm’s PC Control software. The new Titrando coulometers come with four MSB connections for connecting intelligent dosing units. Sample, standards or auxiliary solutions as well as solubility promoters can be added with maximum precision and convenience for perfect liquid handling.

Foolproof operation
Both the 851 and 852 Titrandos come with a new autostart function. Up to now, if the sample was injected into the titration cell without the titration having been started beforehand, the sample’s water content was removed by conditioning and the measurement had to be repeated. This potential risk of failure has been eliminated in the 851 and 852 Titrando. As soon as the sample is added the titration starts automatically, which makes operating the new Titrandos virtually foolproof.