Application Note: The CLARIOstar with ACU exposes cells to ischemia-reperfusion conditions and monitors their oxygenation
23 February 2018

The lack of oxygen supply is associated with a number of life-threatening diseases such as stroke, myocardial infarction or renal failure whereby cells are temporarily deprived of O2 and nutrient (ischemia). Significant cell damage can also occur during the reperfusion phase through oxidative stress and inflammatory responses. Investigating these pathologies in vitro requires an experimental set-up capable of rapid deoxygenation, rapid reperfusion, and parallel monitoring of critical biological parameters including cellular oxygenation and ROS. The ischemia-reperfusion model presented here uses the CLARIOstar® microplate reader by BMG LABTECH with software-controlled programmable O2 and CO2 regulation in combination with MitoXpress®-Intra, (Luxcel Biosciences) which enables real-time monitoring of cellular oxygenation.