Application Note: SureSelect Cancer CGP Assay: Comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) to maximize tumor insights
23 August 2023

In this data sheet, Agilent Technologies presents the SureSelect Cancer CGP Assay and highlights key advantages of this assay which offers comprehensive genomic profiling for solid tumors to maximize tumor insights. This pan-cancer NGS panel enables detection of somatic variants, including single nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy number variants (CNVs), insertions/deletions (indels), translocations (TLs), gene fusions, and the immuno-oncology biomarkers TMB (tumor mutational burden) and MSI (microsatellite instability). Powered by SureSelect XT HS2 library preparation and target enrichment chemistry, the assay features fast hybridization, low sample input, enzymatic fragmentation, and a one-day workflow to generate NGS sequencing-ready libraries. Automation options reduce hands-on time to maximize lab efficiency.