Application Note: SONAR – Delivering MS/MS Data from a DIA Experiment
15 February 2018

SONAR™ is the newest data independent aquisition (DIA) mode from Waters and is complementary to MS. The strength of SONAR is its increased selectivity, which translates to cleaner MS/MS data, allowing both discovery and quantification from a single injection using commonly accepted and established workflows. 

SONAR delivers this increased selectivity with rapid scan rates to provide the following analytical benefits:

  • All the information required for quantification and identification in a single injection
  • Scan rates compatible with UPLC speeds for reliable quantitation
  •  Library searches are more reliable due to cleaner MS/MS spectra
  • Laboratory workflows become more efficient as time consuming method development associated with MS/MS analysis is removed

This white paper discusses in detail the principles and applications of SONAR