Application eBook: Raman spectroscopy: Rapid QC of healthcare products
16 June 2020

The development of Raman spectroscopy has come a long way since its discovery in 1928. Its combination with optical microscopy in the latest, next-generation confocal Raman microscopes has enabled fast, non-destructive, non-invasive hyperspectral imaging of samples without the need for sample preparation in most cases.

In this application compendium, we look at some of the wide-ranging applications of Raman microscopy to address various formulation challenges encountered by the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. In particular, we consider HORIBA Scientific’s latest confocal Raman imaging microscope, the LabRAM Soleil™, designed to make Raman imaging faster and easier than ever before.

Download the free eBook to discover how Raman microscopy can yield information on molecular structures, crystal phases, polymorphisms and much more, as we cover:

  • Characterization of pharmaceuticals, including compound distribution, chemical homogeneity and more
  • Characterization of cosmetics for perfect formulations
  • Raman spectroscopy as an essential tool in pharma