Application Note: Quantifying Trace Odorants in Water by GC–MS with Trap-Based Preconcentration: Assessing SPME and High-Capacity Sorptive Extraction
12 February 2019

This study describes the use of the new Centri sample automation and concentration platform to extract and quantify trace-level odorants in water, using two headspace sampling methods – multi-phase SPME fibers or HiSorb high-capacity sorptive extraction probes – in conjunction with trap-based preconcentration and GC–MS. Performance for the target analytes IPMP, IBMP, 2-MIB, 2,4,6-TCA and geosmin was within the requirements of ISO 17943 and GB 5749, with linearities >0.996 and mean MDLs of the order of 1 ppt. We also describe the key attributes of each sampling method, and discuss the options offered by Centri that allow the optimum choice to be made based on specific application requirements.