Application Note: MACSQuant X Analyzer Facilitates Ca²+ Flux Assays
12 February 2019

Intracellular calcium (Ca²+ ) serves as a crucial second messenger regulating a variety of physiological processes such as cell division, muscle function, neurotransmission, and vascular contraction. Upon specific stimulation, intracellular Ca²+  concentrations can quickly and significantly increase by the release of internal Ca²+  storages or by entry from the extracellular space through ion channels. Measuring this Ca²+
 flux using fluorescent Ca²+ -binding indicators is a widely used method to study cellular responses and to screen receptor or ion channel agonist and antagonist compounds. Flow cytometry–based Ca²+ flux assays can rapidly analyze large numbers of cells at the single-cell level and allow high-content analysis through additional staining to e.g. discriminate dead cells and debris that might interfere with the assay.