Application Note: Lipid profiling workflow demonstrating disrupted lipogenesis induced with drug treatment in leukemia cells
7 October 2020

As a proof-of-principle study, a lipidomics profiling workflow was applied to analyze lipid alterations in the AML K562 cell line in response to a BEZ, MPA, and BaP drug combination. The Agilent lipid analysis workflow was performed with the 6546 LC/Q‑TOF, a mass spectrometer designed to have wide dynamic range while simultaneously providing improved resolution independent of acquisition rate. Key to the workflow is MassHunter Lipid Annotator software, which quickly annotates lipid MS/MS spectra and easily generates a custom library of detected lipids, with deep annotation coverage. These libraries are a critical component of the complete lipid analysis workflow, and support targeted and untargeted lipidomics profiling.