Application Note: Label-Free SoPRano™ Gold Nano-Rod (GNR) Assays on a Spectrometer-Based Microplate Reader
15 October 2012

Label-Free SoPRano™ Gold Nano-Rod (GNR) kits enable users to design and run label-free, microplate-based homogenous assays for high quality protein-protein interaction analysis based on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR). In this application note, the SPECTROstar Omega spectrometer-based microplate reader from BMG LABTECH was used to rapidly capture full spectra and signal specificity. hSA and bSA were separately conjugated to the SoPRano™ GNRs and their respective monoclonal antibodies were bound at various concentrations. The Kd values were derived from BMG LABTECH’s MARS analysis software.