Application Note: Increase Column Performance and Lifetime in Peptide and Protein Purification Using Aggressive Wash Conditions on the Ultra-Stable Gemini® Sorbents
30 October 2014

Gemini sorbents were specifically developed for chromatographic conditions that demand a wide pH range (pH 1-12). This application demonstrates how the high pH stability of the Gemini product line can be used to extend column lifetime by column regeneration using aggressive alkaline washes (1 M sodium hydroxide in alcohol 1:1 (V/V)). Column regeneration using caustic washes is especially useful in the case of peptide and protein applications where aggregation and impurities tend to accumulate and generate high backpressures. Combining the high pH stability of Gemini particles with the award winning Axia™ pre-packed preparative column will provide longer lifetime and higher performance for the preparative purification of peptide and proteins.

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