Application Note: Detection of Aflatoxins in Milk at Picogram Levels Using SPE and LC-MS/MS
20 March 2019

This application note outlines a method for the low level determination of aflatoxins in milk using a polymeric solid-phase extraction (SPE) cartridge. Analysis is performed by LC-MS/MS using a Selectra® DA HPLC column. The method was optimized to allow the detection of aflatoxins at the low regulatory concentrations required. Recovery studies were carried out by spiking whole milk at two concentration levels (0.025 and 0.5 µg/kg).  Matrix-matched calibration curves, ranging from 0.01-2 µg/kg, were used for quantitation. The mean recovery was found to be in the range of 84 to 100%, and repeatability was ≤7%.