Application Note: Completely Cryogen-Free Monitoring of PAMS Ozone Precursors, TO-15 Air Toxics and OVOCs in Ambient Air in a Single Run
14 February 2019

This study describes the sampling and analysis of a combined list of PAMS ozone precursors, TO-15 air toxics and OVOCs at high humidity, without the use of liquid nitrogen or other cryogen. The method described complies with the detection limit and data-quality requirements of Chinese EPA Method HJ 759 and the Chinese Environmental Air Volatile Organic Compound Monitoring Program. The use of Markes’ Dry-Focus3 preconcentration and watermanagement technology results in excellent chromatographic peak shape at 100% humidity, while maintaining sample-tosample cycle times below 60 minutes. The use of robust, field-proven dual-column/Deans switch technology in the GC oven allows FID analysis of highly volatile C2 and C3 hydrocarbons, with the remainder detected using a singlequadrupole mass spectrometer.