Application Note: Analyzing Pesticide Residues in Lettuce by the EN 15662 Method using Phenomenex roQ™ QuEChERS Kits Followed by LC/MS/MS and GC/MS Analysis
25 February 2013

In this application note the Phenomenex roQ™ EN 15662 Method Extraction and dSPE QuEChERS Kits were used to successfully extract 25 pesticides of different classes from lettuce. Analysis was performed by LC/MS/MS using a Luna® C18(2)HPLC column and GC/MS using a Zebron™ ZB-5MSi column. This method produced acceptable recoveries and reproducibilities per the official EN 15662 method. The roQ QuEChERS dSPE MgSO4/PSA Kit can also be used for other fruit and vegetable matrices that are not highly pigmented.