Application Note: Analyses of PFOS and PFOA Precursors in Textile Products Using EI-MRM and PCI-SIM Method
7 February 2019

Precursors of perfluoro compounds (PFCs) such as perdluorooctane sulfon-amides (FOSEs, FOSAs) and acrylates (FTAs), which may potentially degrade to perdluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perflurooctanoic acid (PFOA), are analysed via an electron ionization-multiple reaction monitoring (EI-MRM) method and a positive chemical ionization-selective ion monitoring (PCI-SIM) method. For all targets, both acquisition methods report a limit of quantitation (LOQ) value of 5.0 ng/mL. The EI-MRM method provides a lower limit of detection (LOD) than the PCI-SIM method, LOD of the former is as low as 0.5 ng/mL whereas that of the latter is 4.0 ng/mL.