Application Note: Advantage of CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Vessels with Cell-Repellent Surface for 3-D Cell Culture in Hydrogels
22 October 2014

Cells cultivated in hydrogels are a valuable source for biochemical analysis like gene expression or metabolic assays of whole 3-D cell populations. Nevertheless, when long-term incubations of hydrogel-cultures are done in standard tissue culture vessels, some cells tend to migrate out of the hydrogel onto the vessel surface, forming a 2-D subculture. Analysis of such cell populations will therefore result in mixed data from both 2-D and 3-D cell cultures. This application note shows that when CELLSTAR® cell culture vessels with cell-repellent surface are used for hydrogel culture, the formation of a 2-D subculture is suppressed effectively. The CELLSTAR® cell-repellent surface from Greiner Bio-One is achieved through an innovative chemical surface modification and is available with different formats.