Application Note: ADP Detection in FP, TR-FRET and FI Assay Formats: Versatile Kinase/ATPase Detection Without the Use of Coupling Enzymes
3 December 2015

The Transcreener ADP2 Assay is a single addition, homogenous assay method that directly measures ADP formation in kinase or ATPase reactions. The first generation Transcreener ADP assay, introduced in 2006 as a far red fluorescence polarization (FP) assay, was recently improved by incorporating a new antibody (ADP2) that enables a 20-fold increase in sensitivity. Together these Transcreener ADP assays have been validated for high throughput screening with diverse targets including protein, lipid and carbohydrate kinases, carboxylases, and chaperonin ATPases. This poster compares these three assays with other nucleotide detection assay methods