Application Note: Xtra Pure RNA: Agencourt RNAClean XP System
22 November 2018

The Agencourt RNAClean XP kit provides a simple, flexible and highly reproducible method for purifying nucleic acid products generated in common enzymatic reactions such as cDNA synthesis and in vitro transcription (IVT) reactions. This method utilizes Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) magnetic bead-based technology. It is uniquely formatted for purification of both the cDNA and cRNA steps in Eberwine based procedures. This technique is easily performed manually in far less time than competitive methods. With the use of SPRI technology, the Agencourt RNAClean XP system doesn’t use organic solvents, vacuum filtration, or centrifugation. The kit delivers superior nucleic acid recovery and purity for use in downstream microarray gene expression experiments.