Application Note: Transmix Reduction with Rapid Sulfur Monitoring
17 February 2019

Many different types and grades of petroleum products travel through pipelines in batches. Some mixing occurs at the interface between batches which results in transmix generation and product downgrading. Transmix is the portion of the pipeline flow that is diverted to a separate tank to avoid contamination between two dissimilar product batches. Transmix generates millions of dollars in costs to shippers and pipeline operators. These costs occur because the transmix must be stored, transported, and reprocessed to decontaminate and separate the mixed products. Product downgrade or regrade happens when a portion of higher value, but mixable product, is diverted to a tank that holds a batch of lower value product, such as premium gasoline being diverted to a regular gasoline tank. The higher value product batch is protected from contamination, but a portion is downgraded to the lower value product, resulting in a loss of value equal to the difference in price between the two products.