Application Note: Saving Time with Intelligent Data Logging
25 September 2018

When trying to define intelligent data Iogging, it's useful to compare it with traditional data logging. In the past, data loggers or recorders would typically be configured to sample a set number of channels at a fixed rate and store the recorded values in memory. Data analysis was often very time-consuming, requiring the user to weed through thousands or millions of data points to find a region of interest to study. With advances in technology and computing power, modern data loggers such as the dataTaker DT80 or Delphin Expert Logger 100 can dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort required to extract critical information. These "intelligent" data loggers incorporate several features that allow them to go well beyond the functionality of a traditional data logger to help zero in on what the user is looking for. The key is separating the raw data from the information it contains, which is what the user is after.