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Application Note: Performance characteristics of the RNA and the high sensitivity RNA ScreenTape assays for the 4150 TapeStation System
13 March 2023

The Agilent 4150 TapeStation system is an automated electrophoresis solution for fast and reliable nucleic acid sample quality control. The entire Agilent RNA and DNA ScreenTape portfolio is applicable on the 4150 TapeStation system. The Agilent RNA ScreenTape assays enable separation, integrity, and quantity analysis of total RNA samples from both eukaryotic and prokaryotic origin. The RNA integrity number equivalent (RINe) provides objective assessment of RNA degradation. The 4150 TapeStation system together with the RNA ScreenTape assays is perfectly suited for RNA quality control at low throughput need. In this technical overview, Agilent Technologies focuses on the performance characteristics of the RNA ScreenTape assay and the Agilent High Sensitivity RNA ScreenTape assay (HS RNA ScreenTape assay) on the 4150 TapeStation system regarding RNA integrity analysis, sensitivity, and quantification. The performance of the 4150 TapeStation system was compared to the 4200 TapeStation system using the same assays to demonstrate full compatibility. Furthermore, the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer system, together with the corresponding RNA assays as widely accepted standards for RNA quality control, were applied for a benchmarking of all three systems.