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Application eBook: Paper spray ionization: The faster path to mass spec analysis
3 January 2020

Common concerns with using conventional chromatography-based mass spectrometry (MS) include time-consuming protocols, experiment backlogs, high costs per sample, equipment downtime for maintenance and the need for experienced technicians.

Using paper spray ionization techniques, and the Thermo Scientific VeriSpray PaperSpray ion source, researchers in clinical and forensic toxicology labs with high-throughput requirements can now perform direct mass spectrometry-based analyses with minimal solvent consumption and sample prep, thereby saving costs per test and reducing the time involved.

In this eBook, we provide case studies and proof-of-concept experiments that corroborate the varied benefits of employing paper spray ionization methods, and cover:

  • Detection of controlled substances in blood samples 
  • Quantitative analysis of antifungal drugs
  • Robustness characterization of quantitative whole blood assays 
  • Quantification of immunosuppressants in whole blood 
  • Improving the limit of quantification in clinical research
  • Analysis of immunosuppressant drugs
  • Quantitative analysis of EDDP
  • Drugs of abuse screening and quantification